Antalya Rafting Tour | Köprülü Kanyon | Rafting Hakkında Bilgi

Rafting Bilgi;

Rafting sporunu merak edenler için rafting hakkında anlaşılır ve bilgilendirici bir makale okuyacaksınız. Rafting nedir? kelime anlamından başlayacak olursak Raftingraft ingilizce kelimenin türetilmesiyle rafting haline gelmiştir.

İngilizce raft ( Sal) anlamına gelmektedir. Peki kelime anlamları dışında rafting nedir? Derseniz; kısaca hızlı akan nehirler üzerinde rafting botu adı verilen araçlarla kürek yardımı ile fiziksel güç kullanarak üzerinde bulunan sporcuların kaya, ağaç, rapid gibi doğal engelleri aşmaya çalıştığı su sporu  diyebiliriz. Rafting su sporları içerisinde en çok sevilen adrenalin seviyesi en yüksek spordur.

Antalya Rafting – Rafting Tour – Koprulu Kanyon

It is very suitable for rafting sports with its rich streams all over our country. Especially in the spring, with the melting of the snow in the mountains, the flow rate (flow rate) of the streams increases and provides an ideal environment for rafting. The question of whether everyone can do rafting is among the sports that are directed to us the most. Rafting can be done by anyone who does not have a disability to do sports. There is no obligation to know swimming, but it is useful to inform the tour guide before starting rafting.

Antalya Rafting Tour – Koprulu Canyon

Enjoy Koprucay of Turkey’s great river rafting adventure along the Great River.

The Köprüçay River, which originates from the Taurus Mountains and passes through the natural beauty of the canyons, pours into the Mediterranean in the south. The two sides of the canyon, fed by high groundwater in pristine river rafting to do this is one of Turkey’s most beautiful natural recreational activities.

Join this thrilling rafting adventure and challenge white waves, currents and falls in a great boat. Enjoy the water splashing on your face in the stream, then take a break from the rafting, surf the big waves and swim.

The tour takes place between the historical Oluk and Karabük bridges and has a difficulty level of around 2-3.

What are Rafting Supplies? – Antalya Rafting Tours

What are Rafting Supplies?
We strongly recommend that you obtain the safety materials you may need before starting rafting. We can divide the materials you may need during rafting into two parts as safety equipment and personal materials. Life jacket, helmet, rescue rope and raincoat can be counted among the safety materials, while these materials are given to you by the companies that organize the rafting tour. To briefly mention the security materials and features;
Life Jacket: It is worn to prevent sinking if you fall into the water during rafting and to prevent your drowning by keeping your head above the water in any case. You can use the ties on it to tie the life jacket tightly to your body. It is made in colorful colors for you to see easily, but it also has phosphorescent reflectors for viewing at night.
Helmet: if you fall from the overthrow of boots or boots used to prevent damage to slam your head and your safety equipment is very durable because it is made of fiberglass.
Raincoat: It is used to prevent your underwear from getting wet during rafting in rainy weather.
Rescue Rope: It is used to pull you back to the boat if you fall off the boat during rafting. The rope, one end of which is tied tightly to the boat before rafting, is kept ready to be thrown in case of falling into the water.
Shoes: Shoes with small holes in the bottom are specially made for rafting, and because of the holes in the bottom, the shoe that fills inside the shoe easily empties.

Koprucay Antalya Rafting Tours

One of the most popular places in terms of rafting, Koprucay is connected to Antalya’s Manavgat district. It is filled with amateurs as it is among the least dangerous tracks. If you are looking for a professional rafting track, you will probably not find the excitement you are looking for in Koprucay. But it is a perfect track for an adventure enthusiast who has just started rafting. 14 km long track in, Karabük Bridge expires within an hour. Here, the degree of water 9. Therefore, it is always going to be stop for tourists who want to cool off in the hot summer months. Do not forget to taste trout or observation in Koprucay, where you can go with tours.

Coruh River Rafting – Turkey Coruh River

Coruh River;

Located just Coruh River will be held in the first 10 places in the list of the best rafting in the world not only in Turkey, coming down from the mountain with simultaneous interpretation. This crazy river in Artvin has a 169 km track. Çoruh has 4 courses with varying difficulty levels. World Rafting Championship was held in 1993 in Çoruh River, which welcomes visitors from all over the world for rafting. Also, rafting is not the only sport in the region. It is possible to participate in the Kaçkar Mountain climbs for adventure lovers. There is a historical Georgian Church in Çoruh River, which is rich in history. The Coruh River, which decorates the dreams of professional rafting players, can be completed in 10 days by setting up a camp.

Antalya Canyoning Tour – Koprulu Canyon

When is Canyoning Done?

It is very dangerous to canyoning in the spring and winter months due to the precipitation. The waters inside the canyons rise up in these months with the effect of melting snow and rain and close the passages. For this reason, it is recommended to do canyoning sport in the summer months.

Where planning Canyoning in Turkey?

canyons located in different cities in Turkey is among the favorite route of dealing with the canyoning sport amateur and professional athletes. Antalya, Denizli and Kocaeli are among the prominent cities with their special canyons.

Antalya Koprulu Canyon Rafting Tour & Trips

Koprulu Canyon Rafting;

Koprulu Canyon, It is between Antalya and Side. Köprüçay, which is fed from the source and is suitable for white water raft in all seasons of the year, is suitable for all seasons of the year, especially in the spring, summer and autumn months. The section that the river passes before reaching the sea and which is referred to as the lower track is suitable for beginners, especially at the level of 1-2 in terms of difficulty.

Other routes of the Mediterranean Region

Almost all rivers that originate from the mountains and feed small rivers in the region are suitable for rafting. Among the rivers suitable for rafting are Manavgat Stream, the section between Göksu Stream between Hadım and Silifke, which can be overcome with a 4-day expedition, Dim Stream, which is within the borders of Alanya province, Alara Stream, Seyhan’s Göksu and Zamantı branches.