Antalya Rafting Tour & Canyon Tours

Koprulu Canyon Rafting;

Koprulu Canyon, It is between Antalya and Side. Köprüçay, which is fed from the source and is suitable for white water raft in all seasons of the year, is suitable for all seasons of the year, especially in the spring, summer and autumn months. The section that the river passes before reaching the sea and which is referred to as the lower track is suitable for beginners, especially at the level of 1-2 in terms of difficulty.

Other routes of the Mediterranean Region

Almost all rivers that originate from the mountains and feed small rivers in the region are suitable for rafting. Among the rivers suitable for rafting are Manavgat Stream, the section between Göksu Stream between Hadım and Silifke, which can be overcome with a 4-day expedition, Dim Stream, which is within the borders of Alanya province, Alara Stream, Seyhan’s Göksu and Zamantı branches.

Antalya Rafting Tour – Rafting Tours İn Manavgat

Rafting Tour

His passion for sports fans prefer the adrenaline of rafting, recently a highly acclaimed sports also in Turkey. Every year thousands of people from professional to amateur enjoy live streaming of dealing with water in Turkey. Getting to know the value of gold in this sport a little closer Come on team spirit and the most beautiful rafting route can be done in Turkey

Antalya Rafting Tour – Beskonak Rafting Tours

Rafting Tour

It may be called the center of Antalya in Turkey rafting. Köprüçay makes this sport more enjoyable especially in the region known as Koprulu Canyon. So where is the Koprulu canyon, which is the most popular Antalya rafting place?

The Köprüçay Rafting Center, located on the borders of the Tasagil Town of Manavgat District of Antalya, is 11 kilometers below Selge Ancient City. Thanks to the approximately 14 kilometers long rafting track, athletes also have the opportunity to see the historical bridges in a different perspective. Beşkonak rafting is among the rafting places of Antalya Koprulu canyon.

Raftingo Rafting Tour


The pick up time from Antalya, Side, Manavgat, Belek, Kemer, Alanya is around 08:00 – 09:00 a.m. After 1-1,5 hour board the bus you will be welcomed at Beş Konak Village in raftingo Rafting. Then you will have briefing about safety and instruction prior during your 10-15 minutes stop.

You will be given your life vest and all necessary equipment. After we will bring you to the Rafting start point, it will take you around 15 minutes by bus (7km). Ancient bridge, natural sources and waterfalls at the Rafting Start point gives you an opportunity to have photo and video.

You will board the raft or kayak (depend to your preference) at the start point, 100 metres ahead. After that your 14 km adventure has began. Your first stop for jumping, body rafting, fun games and rest will be after 7 km. Next stop will be after 3 km. There you will enjoy eating lunch before heading further .

At the end of your rafting tour, you will find a bus waiting for to take you out of paradise to reality. We garantee you will leave with a happy smile on your face.


Experience 14 km of thrills and excitement start from Köprü Cay bridge. The float trip concludes form 12 rapids, six of them are big. The depth of river is between 1-3 m., width is 12 m. and water temperature about 12 degree. According International standards class 4 rapids guarantee an exciting whitewater rafting experience as you ride the roller coaster waves.


  • Participants must be 5 years old and up
  • Participants must notified about any health problems before tour start.
  • Participants must not take any metal accessories (earrings, necklaces etc.)
  • Participants must wear not slippery shoes ( Special rafting shoes are selling in RAFTİNGO Rafting shop )
  • Participants must not be pregnant


Tour begins from the place known as a hot water near the ancient brige in the Gaziler village. You should follow the pine forest path about 2 km up from the Rafting start point. At first you arrived you will have safety briefing and instruction prior to trip. You will have opportunity while 10 minutes walking along the natural path through the Hot water for swimming, jumping and other activities.

You will be impressed by Canyon overlooking and world of forested rock walls. An unique landscape of natural water source and rocks you ever seeing extends on you. Prepared an advance boats will wait you to bring to the Cold water for Bady Rafting. Here start your Rafting adventure.


Canyon Parkour is about one and a half hour and 2 km long. You will walk approximately 1 km and then 1 km raft. Your trip concludes form four big and tenner of a twisting waterway full of chutes and drops interspersed with calm float. The most important difference from Rafting Parkour is Increased level of difficulty, therefore children under 10 years old are not allowed.


  • Participants must be 10 years old and up
  • Participants must notified about any health problems before tour start.
  • Participants must not take any metal accessories (earrings, necklaces etc.)
  • Participants must wear not slippery shoes ( Special rafting shoes are selling in RAFTİNGO Rafting shop )

İçindeki Macera Ruhunu Buldun!

Raftingo ile Antalya köprülü kanyonda rafting maceraların en güzelidir. Tutkunu erteleme ve hemen sende bu serüvene katılarak keşfe başlayabilirsin! detaylı bilgi için ARA!

Hayatı Rafting İleAkışına Bırak

Antalya Köprülü Kanyon rafting turları yeni sezon fırsat indirimleri ile adeta coştu! Aile ve arkadaşların ile sende maceraya katıl gerisini bize bırak!

Antalya Canyoning Kanyon Turu

Canyoning doğanın tam kalbine giden yolculuğun adıdır aslında! Köprülü kanyonda berrak köprü çay ırmağını oluşturan su kaynaklarına gitmek istemez misin! Aynı anda rafting ve canyoning turunu birlikte yapabileceğin tam gün bir etkinlik! Detaylı bilgi ve rezervasyon için lütfen ARAYINIZ!