Antalya’da Rafting | Köprülü Kanyon Rafting Turları

Antalya’da rafting parkuru 14 km’dir. Yaklaşık 3 saat süren rafting turu Köprülü Kanyon bölgesinin tarihi dokusu sayesinde bam başka bir heyecan yaratmaktadır. Dolu dolu rafting turlarına sevdiklerinizle katılmak için bizleri arayarak ulaşım ve yemek dahil fiyat bilgisi alabilirsiniz.

Antalya Rafting – Rafting Tour – Koprulu Kanyon

It is very suitable for rafting sports with its rich streams all over our country. Especially in the spring, with the melting of the snow in the mountains, the flow rate (flow rate) of the streams increases and provides an ideal environment for rafting. The question of whether everyone can do rafting is among theOkumaya devam edin “Antalya Rafting – Rafting Tour – Koprulu Kanyon”

Antalya Rafting Tour – Koprulu Canyon

Enjoy Koprucay of Turkey’s great river rafting adventure along the Great River. The Köprüçay River, which originates from the Taurus Mountains and passes through the natural beauty of the canyons, pours into the Mediterranean in the south. The two sides of the canyon, fed by high groundwater in pristine river rafting to do this isOkumaya devam edin “Antalya Rafting Tour – Koprulu Canyon”

What are Rafting Supplies? – Antalya Rafting Tours

What are Rafting Supplies?We strongly recommend that you obtain the safety materials you may need before starting rafting. We can divide the materials you may need during rafting into two parts as safety equipment and personal materials. Life jacket, helmet, rescue rope and raincoat can be counted among the safety materials, while these materials areOkumaya devam edin “What are Rafting Supplies? – Antalya Rafting Tours”

Koprucay Antalya Rafting Tours

Koprucay;One of the most popular places in terms of rafting, Koprucay is connected to Antalya’s Manavgat district. It is filled with amateurs as it is among the least dangerous tracks. If you are looking for a professional rafting track, you will probably not find the excitement you are looking for in Koprucay. But it isOkumaya devam edin “Koprucay Antalya Rafting Tours”

Coruh River Rafting – Turkey Coruh River

Coruh River; Located just Coruh River will be held in the first 10 places in the list of the best rafting in the world not only in Turkey, coming down from the mountain with simultaneous interpretation. This crazy river in Artvin has a 169 km track. Çoruh has 4 courses with varying difficulty levels. WorldOkumaya devam edin “Coruh River Rafting – Turkey Coruh River”

Antalya Koprulu Canyon Rafting Tour & Trips

Koprulu Canyon Rafting; Koprulu Canyon, It is between Antalya and Side. Köprüçay, which is fed from the source and is suitable for white water raft in all seasons of the year, is suitable for all seasons of the year, especially in the spring, summer and autumn months. The section that the river passes before reachingOkumaya devam edin “Antalya Koprulu Canyon Rafting Tour & Trips”