What are Rafting Supplies? – Antalya Rafting Tours

What are Rafting Supplies?
We strongly recommend that you obtain the safety materials you may need before starting rafting. We can divide the materials you may need during rafting into two parts as safety equipment and personal materials. Life jacket, helmet, rescue rope and raincoat can be counted among the safety materials, while these materials are given to you by the companies that organize the rafting tour. To briefly mention the security materials and features;
Life Jacket: It is worn to prevent sinking if you fall into the water during rafting and to prevent your drowning by keeping your head above the water in any case. You can use the ties on it to tie the life jacket tightly to your body. It is made in colorful colors for you to see easily, but it also has phosphorescent reflectors for viewing at night.
Helmet: if you fall from the overthrow of boots or boots used to prevent damage to slam your head and your safety equipment is very durable because it is made of fiberglass.
Raincoat: It is used to prevent your underwear from getting wet during rafting in rainy weather.
Rescue Rope: It is used to pull you back to the boat if you fall off the boat during rafting. The rope, one end of which is tied tightly to the boat before rafting, is kept ready to be thrown in case of falling into the water.
Shoes: Shoes with small holes in the bottom are specially made for rafting, and because of the holes in the bottom, the shoe that fills inside the shoe easily empties.


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