Antalya ATV Quad Safari Tour | Safari Tours

ATV Quad Safari Tours;

The magnificent lands of Antalya with natural form are home to unique tracks for ATV Quad Safari Tours. Although it is similar to Buggy Safari tours, it is a powerful motor vehicle with a capacity of 4 x 4 maximum 2 people and working with gasoline similar to a motorcycle.

No special skills or license are required to participate in ATV Quad safari tours. After the specific safety equipment is provided, you will take short warm-up tours after the information given by the expert instructor. Participants who wish can get on a single person, or you can perform the activity as 2 people. We recommend you follow the information given to you in order to safely make ATV Quad safari tours in Antalya. ATV Quad Safari tracks consist of dusty, rugged and muddy parkours in places. Therefore, we recommend you bring spare clothes with you. ATV Quad safari tours lasting between 1 or 2 hours depending on the track type are funny and action-packed. You can call us and join the program , if you want to participate in the ATV Quad safari tours with or without transportation every day of the week. CALL for reservation and detailed information.

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